Friday, August 10, 2007

Silent Runnings

ok...I still have yet to catch it on video (AJ is camera shy on occasion), but he's been crawling for a few weeks now. Not up on his knees yet, but still motoring around _REALLY_ fast.

His most recent "new" trick is to wake up in the mornings (he usually comes to bed with me after VNB leaves for work) and instead of crying or making any other noise, he silently rolls onto his belly and is off and 'running.' This makes it difficult for me because my back is to the bed when I'm at the computer (which I usually am by the time he wakes up), but I don't have the lights on yet because I don't want to wake him. This is especially difficult when he's wearing his dark PJs that blend in very stealthily with our bedding. Blinded by the computer screen, I must turn at each and every noise (no matter how slight) and try to discern if he is indeed awake, if he's partially thinking about waking up (at which point I rush over, pat him on his back, and pray that he goes back to sleep), or if it was just my imagination.

And since we've already learned the hard way that "mommy and daddy's bed + awake or moving baby = hard meeting of head with pergo," I tend to be a very sleepy nervous wreck until he wakes up in the mornings.

If I wasn't worried that it would wake him up, I'd _SO_ get a little cat collar for him - you know the kind with the bell...


Anonymous said...

Okay.. so.. I'm sure you've thought of this but I still feel the need to ask.. how about turning the computer desk around?

- Valentina's buddy

Leia said...

Unfortunately, the room geometry doesn't allow for that. :(

There's the potential for a laptop from work 'soon,' but until then it's wracked nerves. (Or you know...not being lazy and instead of bringing him to bed with me, letting him nurse in his room, then putting him back in his crib.)