Tuesday, August 28, 2007


I only know of two people this has affected, and a lot of the folks I email (or receive email from) don't read my blog, but I figured this was the best way to get the word out.

For some reason, Hotmail decided of its own volition to change a setting in my account so that my 'reply-to' address is one that hasn't worked in several years (leia@pobox.com). Back when I was overseas, for a while I was emailing from Hotmail, but receiving my mail through Pobox because of various technical issues. I stopped being able to get access to the pobox account, however, so I changed the setting which made that my 'reply-to' address.

For some reason, Hotmail has started sporadically sending my replies to that account again (which, as I said, stopped working a while ago). So if you're trying to reply to an email that I've sent you and it bounces for some reason, check to make sure the correct email address is in your 'to' line. I've fixed the setting, but since it did it on its own and seems to be doing it randomly, I wanted to alert you guys to it.

Weird....btw, I've also alerted Hotmail to the "ghost in the machine."

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