Friday, August 10, 2007

Caught up!

So until yesterday morning, I had over 3000 email messages in my inbox, over 1700 of which were unread. Now, the VAST majority of the unread were automated things, with only a forward or two from a real person - there was no actual corresondence that I hadn't read. But over the past two days I've taken the time to actually _delete_ all the stuff I don't need anymore and am now down to 46 messages!!!!! So, if you wrote to me sometime in the last year and a half and I have yet to respond, you're now on the short list. I intend to email a bunch of you over the next week or two so that I stop feeling guilty about not replying (and because I really do like talking to and hearing from you, I'm just not much with the replying all the time).

Of course, the result of the emails is that you'll likely write which point I'll get overwhelmed with all the emailing I need to do and will probably hide in my cave again. So, apologies in advance if I don't reply back right away to the email you'll probably send me relatively quickly after I reply to the email you sent to me 10 months ago.

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