Friday, September 17, 2004


You know? I never named by computer. Huh. I always name things like that. Well, then, computer, I dub thee "Henry." Aunt Mom and possibly Beth will get the significance of that name. In any case, Henry's not any better today. It's possible though that instead of it being a SP2 problem, it's actually a virus because I got two emails returned (that I never sent) saying that they were undeliverable due to viruses. I never click on obvious virus things, but others borrowed my computer, so maybe someone else did (the last virus I got was due to someone else borrowing my computer).

I don't know if that makes it better or not. But in any case, my contractor's daughter (let's call her "Lana" since that's her name) works for a computer company here in Amman that fixes Dells. When I get back from Acaba, I'm gonna give her a call and arrange to 1) have dinner with her whole family (her dad will be back from Baghdad by then), and 2) bring my computer in to her shop to be fixed.

What's kinda funny is that Henry and his virus attempted to infect one of the servers of a Kerry for President group. Heehee.

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