Thursday, September 30, 2004

The Good Things in Life

I've talked about all the bad things that have been happening lately, so here are a few good things to counter those to some extent.

(Although before I begin, the latest word from MS support is that _I_ need to go buy a new hard drive. I've already replied asking why _I_ need to buy new hardware for a relatively new (and rather expensive) computer that died as a result of installing SP2. That actually felt pretty good too, so it can also fall into the "good things" category.)

Anyway, a few days ago I finally relented and did some laundry. I was really hoping to be able to hold out until I got back home, but a few "recyclings" convinced me to bite the bullet. It's been 15 months since my clothes have seen a clothes dryer. They were pretty excited. My jeans actually _fit_ again! And my shirts are almost back to looking cute again instead of being horribly stretched. :) Dryers are very nice.

And today, I went out to lunch with "the girls" (Jaime, Jen, and Donna, in this case), then we went to a salon. Donna and I got pedicures while Jen and Jaime got waxed. Now my toes are nice and pretty and shiney again. I usually keep them painted (at least during sandals months), but they do a much better job at it that I do. And now my toes are all shiney. :)

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