Thursday, September 02, 2004


I'm sure that all you other XP users out there are experiencing the same joy that I am right now - the downloading and installation of the infamous "SP2." Hopefully though, you're not enjoying the same issues that I am. On my own computer, it downloaded relatively quickly, but about 1/3 of the way through the installation, it said that it just couldn't go on and my only choice was to uninstall what had been installed. After that it wanted to reboot with the warning that XP may not function normally. Again, my only choice was "ok."

So I ask you, Microsoft, what if I'm _not_ "ok" with the idea that because your huge patch won't install properly on my computer (even after a second and third try), that now _my_ computer "may not function normally?" Because, I'm just really _not_ "ok" with that.

On one of the office computers, it decided that it no longer liked anything other than a 4-color screen set to the lowest resolution. No reason. It just didn't want to play legibly any longer. It might have fixed itself upon multiple reboots, but I can't tell yet. That computer spontaneously decided to "check" itself, which may or may not be a good sign. Either it has become self-aware and senses the problem which is SP2 (or anything else), or it flagged some self-test (which is a sign of another problem...on a computer which has gotten a fresh load of the OS roughly every other month since we got it...hence, not a good sign).

And what's crazy is that I've spent many hours today downloading and installing various things on these computers simply for the purpose of passing off my responsibility of them to someone else. The thing is...doing what I did today (the downloading, installing, and troubleshooting) literally makes me want to poke my eyes out with my little screwdriver....but the thought of the days to come makes my brain turn to mush. And I can't decide which I prefer.

But at least for today I had purpose and achieved something. I successfully installed SP2 on two computers (among other things), unsuccessfully didn't install it on one, had two hours of language study with Mahasin, transcribed the melody and words of Song #2 into Finale Notepad, and practiced piano for a bit. Since it's almost 8PM, I think I'll go home as soon as the other computer finishes checking itself. If it starts to talk to me (due to its newly-acquired self-awareness), I'll let you know.

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