Wednesday, September 15, 2004


Well, the visit with the doc went well. Evan is now 1.3mm wide (he was 1.2mm the last time), but she said that that "growth" was well within the margin of error of the equipment, so basically, he hasn't grown any. She also gave me some good ideas as to what's actually causing the pain, so now I can try to find new ways to deal with it. That was somewhat relieving, and somewhat troubling, but I'll save the discussion for a slightly less "mixed" company.

Anyway, after the meetings yesterday, the girls and Chris went to the Citadel and saw soem flaminco dancing there. They're having some fesival or something and having different entertainment there every night. It was a lot of fun! Afterwards, we went to a cafe and they had tea/coffee. I had hot water because they were all out of decaf tea and for once, I didn't have any with me. Oh well. The fellowship was fun!

And if you didn't know, the Citadel is the center of the old Amman. And rumor has it, it's where Uriah the Hittite (Bathsheba's first husband) was sent by David to his death. Remember that David sent him to fight the "Ammonites?" Ammon...Amman...not a big stretch. Well, the Citadel is apparently where they would have done the fighting. Now it's just a couple of broken-down romanesque columns, but it's a neat place to see and the dancing was great! :)

I haven't gotten my computer to hook up to the internet here, and now it's doing some scary blue screen of death things. Hopefully I'll be able to get SPII to finally install and it'll stop doing all these funky things, but please be "thinking" about my computer. It was really expensive for it to become a paperweight after only a year and a half.

Anyway, so if you've emailed me and I haven't responded, it's because my internet time is limited at this point. I'll get back to you eventually!

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