Monday, October 11, 2004

Christian Pick-up Line

This is taken from the book "Disciplines of the Beautiful Woman" written by Anne Ortlund and published in 1977. Firstly, let me tell you that the book itself was fun read, but my favorite line was what her now husband used when he proposed:

"Oh, magnify the Lord with me! Let us exalt His Name together!"


Let me warn you that if any guy seriously ever uses that on me, I'm gonna laugh in his face.

On similar lines, these are the books I've read lately and my basic impressions of them:

Wuthering Heights (Emily Bronte) - more interesting than I expected since her sister Charlotte's book (Jane Eyre) was a snoozer back in middle/high school when I was required to read it. Still, the ending seemed a little pat...but all in all, enjoyable, if more dark than I like.

Disciplines of the Beautiful Woman (Anne Ortlund) - about what I expected...mostly fluff, but with the occasional nugget of truth (and all truth is God's truth). All the same, I still don't think that in order to be the most beautiful, Godly woman, that I can be that I need to keep a tidy desk.

Flowers for Algernon (Daniel Keyes) - my biggest impression is that I am inordinately thankful that I was not required to read this book in middle/high school. Granted, the writing itself is probably on that level, but there are far too may "adult" themes and situations, in my opinion, for a teen-aged mind. It's an interesting idea though and a quick read (I started and finished it yesterday, although I did stay up late to do so). My favorite character, by far, is definitely Algernon - the lab mouse. The rest aren't quite to the level of charicatures, but they verge on it.

I'm still working on Plato's "The Republic." It's not difficult reading in terms of words, etc., but all they do is talk and it's hard to keep up with the stream of consciousness sometimes, especially when their whole point is the search for the definition of justice and I think I already know what their conclusion will (or should) be.

Sorry I'm not keeping the sidebar up-to-date. Henry (my computer) is still not resurrected, so I only steal a few moments here and there on others' computers.

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