Friday, October 22, 2004

Skin the Rabbit

So I told you about Simon and Bruno, right?

Well, first off, update on Bruno. A day or so after I told you about him, he stopped coming around. He didn't write, he didn't call, he didn't send flowers, there was no explanation...he just never came back (heh...sounds vaguely familiar - I guess it's true...deep down, all (or at least many) men are dogs). But in any case, the doggy spot in my life is again empty. :( Alas, poor Bruno...I knew him, Horatio...

Secondly, Simon is still around. He alternates between being deathly afraid of me and running to me for protection. But in any case, apparently he really loves me and Jen and showed that love to us last night by showering us with a gift that we could only have imagined....that's right....a dead bunny. Pure white, no blood (broken neck apparently), maybe a foot long, stretched out...left right at our doorstep. I figured we might as well leave it there since it was already dead, but the other ladies alternated between telling Simon he was a bad kitty (which he wasn't...he just loves us and wanted to show us), and attempting to remove the rabbit. I thought that was silly as was might as well let the cat(s) eat it. But for some reason, it was decided that tossing the rabbit on top of the local grape vine trellis would be a good idea. That sounded like a really crappy idea to me since then it'd be harder for the cats to get to and eat (which would mean a smelly, rotting bunny for longer)...but the rabbit was so "tossed." I tried to show Simon where it was, but he didn't understand.

But then, for some reason, Jen decided that she just really wanted to skin the it was duly retrieved from the grape vines and brought into our kitchen to be butchered. After a few false starts, he was eventually cut open. The back half of the fur was pulled off pretty successfully, but we never quite got the rabbit to "skin the rabbit" and ended up cutting off its head. Jen didn't even save the fur, so I'm really not sure what the purpose of butchering the rabbit was...other than to kill some time and say that we'd done it.

For a little while, there was talk about cooking the rabbit prior to returning it (skinless) to the cats...but that talk was eventually silenced. But of course, by this time, Simon was nowhere to be we had this skinless bunny, just waiting to be eaten....but no cat to eat it. We left it out in the back driveway on a plastic bag ( I'm gonna touch a dead, skinless rabbit with my know...barring starvation out in the boonies where all there is to eat is dead, skinless rabbits) in the hopes that Simon would find it prior to all the other cats.

Well, he didn't find it...but he did come back before any of the other cats did, so I brought him to it and he went to town. I haven't been down there this morning to view the carnage, but with as many cats as there are around, I doubt that there's much left.

So...who knew that there were white rabbits in Jordan? Someone tell the Queen of Hearts that her White Rabbit is going to be _very_ late.

You know? I've never read those books either...but Lewis Carroll was supposed to be high on opium when he wrote them, so they could possibly prove rather entertaining, depending on my mood. I wasn't a big fan of Disney's version though. Alice was stupid and annoying. Although, to this day, I covet her "frock." But I could just as easily say that I covet Dorothy's dress in the movie version of the "Wizard of Oz," so we'll say that instead so that I can go back to finding very little redeeming in the movie of "Alice." Although, I must admit that the "unbirthday" is an inspired idea.

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