Monday, October 25, 2004

Wide Awake

Well, it's 5:30AM here in Amman. I woke up yesterday at 8AM after not sleeping well for most of the night, and not getting to bed until about 3AM the previous night, and now I haven't slept at all tonight.

With each successive bit of news, my mind has apparently been busy working out the logistics of "getting it all done" to the point that I just can't relax enough to sleep. First it was getting all the goodbyes into ~two days. Then it was the realization of the number of gifts that I needed to buy, then describing those things over email to someone who is not a native English speaker. Then it was just thinking through all of my stuff and where it is so that _I_ didn't forget anything....and now it's thinking through all of my stuff and where it is, and trying to put down on paper somehow the description of the thing and where it is (or might possibly be) in order that someone else can (hopefully) find it for me.

I'm trying to remember what books are where and which I planned on leaving and which I planned on taking home. That's pretty much a lost cause. Same with the clothes. I think I'm pretty much just going to have all of the clothes brought, then what I planned on leaving behind, I'll just leave behind here instead of there...which works except that my "left behind" clothes were going to be a gift to my family by the school. I also have no recollection whatsoever of which DVDs our household had acquired, and which among those were mine (and also which of those that are mine I was planning on taking home and which I was planning on leaving).

In any case, despite hours of playing Escape Velocity, hours of reading, and hours of attempts at sleep, no sleep will come, so I've given up and instead wrote out the first of my lists of things, locations, what to leave, what to take, packing instructions, etc.

It "probably" hasn't helped any of the past couple of nights that there is one mosquito in here that will not die. Dude's bitten me no less than fifteen times tonight, and yet he keeps coming back. Attempts at swatting have been in vain.

HA! "Hail the conq'ring hero!" or "Ding, dong, the mosquito's dead!"

Now we find out if it was really _just_ one.

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