Friday, November 23, 2007


So in addition to the folks I said the other day that we'd see yesterday, we actually added another bunch of VB's family to the list at the last minute. That was fine though because they fed us dinner. And cooed over how cute AJ was.

So when we finally got to Nana and Grandaddy's house last night, everyone was pooped. But despite nursing both sides after not having nursed all day, he wasn't asleep yet. So I stuck him in his pack 'n play with a pacifier and lay down on our bed (right next to him). After struggling for about 2.7 seconds to keep my own eyes open, I figured that I'd let my eyes rest for a bit while he screamed to get out. I'd open them every now and again to see what he was doing (standing there looking at either me or the door usually...and screaming)...but one time, he was sitting down. So I praised him and kept telling him to lie down. So he did...but the side of the pack 'n play got in the way (either that or he was trying not to do what I said even though he knew that was exactly what he wanted to do). So for a few minutes he sat there, face smashed into the mesh on the side of the pack 'n play as I kept telling him to put his head _all_ the way down...and tried not to laugh as he sank lower and lower. After just a few minutes of that, he got himself completely down...and was out within a few seconds.

He still woke up twice in the night and was restless in between the wakings and hard to put back down after the second one, but he slept until exactly 7 AM on the clock (that's when I give up on sleeping any more in the mornings)...and his daddy very graciously let a completely braindead mommy stay in bed for another hour while he and his parents and AJ played in the living room.

I was definitely not up for Black Friday AM sales, but AJ's Grandaddy just went to Babies 'R Us to buy him a doorway jumper (that's on sale today), and AJ's Nana and I will be going out in a few minutes to buy his food (probably not on sale). All while AJ and his daddy stay home. It's nice for AJ to have a daddy that likes to do that. :)

So what I was thankful for yesterday? A bed to sleep in at the end of a long day.

Today I'm thankful for a daddy for my baby who wants to be involved in most things (still working on getting him to change diapers though).

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