Tuesday, November 27, 2007


So I've got this backlog of video and pictures to post, but I keep forgetting to post until I can't keep my eyes open any longer.

So tomorrow...really...there will be new video of my precocious boy.

And what am I thankful for today? A day of long naps. They were glorious. This morning's nap was about an hour and this afternoon's was a blissful (and almost unheard of) hour and a half! Now...those were AJ's naps, not mine...but having that time to myself...it was glorious. No other word for it. Here's hoping it happens again tomorrow. Here's also hoping for a night of good sleep tonight. We're trying to cut down on night wakings by teaching him to lie back down on his own and just go back to sleep. Last night was the first night. We kept to the plan for the first three wakings after I'd gone to bed (there were two prior to me going to bed). Then I gave in and nursed him for the last two. But that's still progress. Here's to sleep!

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