Wednesday, November 28, 2007


This is my 10-month-old child prodigy (sorry it's sideways, but it's not really the video that's important):

Just in case you didn't understand, here's the dialogue:
Me: AJ, what does a doggy say?
AJ: Woof

That's my genius baby right there!

Thanks for the day: I'm thankful that this month is almost over. I mean, it didn't seem like it was going to be hard at all to post every day, especially if I had the "schtick" of 30 days of thanks...but man has it been hard to remember to do. But it also means that it's almost Christmas! And I can actually ENJOY Christmas this year! I'm not 8+months pregnant! And we're not wildly busy like we were last year! Yay! :) I'm just buying time until Blogger finishes processing the video so that I can post and go to bed. Hurry up, Blogger! Aaaaaaaany day now....

Doot de doot de doo...

So AJ took two good naps again today. The weird part was that the second nap came at 11:30 instead of 3...and the first one had only finished at 10...I was so caught off guard that I figured he just wanted a little "nip of mama" and stayed in the living room to give it to him instead of going into his room to our traditional pre-sleeping chair. Which meant that I hadn't taken down the baby gate for the hallway (which requires two hands). Which meant that when he actually went to sleep, I just put him on the couch. And it was a good thing that he woke up when he did because I was going to have serious trouble participating in my 1PM telecon with him someplace that he could fall off of (meaning that I couldn't leave the room, despite the array of pillows and chair blocking his fall)...but I couldn't exactly talk out loud without waking him...but he woke up right before it started and was pretty good the rest of the afternoon. He did have another "nip," but piano playing followed, not sleep. Blogger's done now and I'm going to bed!

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