Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Oh Well...

Oh well...between no sleep, my mom visiting, errands to run, and extra work to do, I just completely forgot to post yesterday. Guess I'm not getting any of the NaBloPoMo prizes.

When AJ woke up at 3, I realized that I'd probably forgotten and instead of going back to bed to sit there and wonder and stew about it, I just went and checked...and sure enough, I'd forgotten. And even though I know how to back date a post on blogger...and could have even written it at 3 this morning and back dated it to 11:30 or so and no one would have been the wiser, I figured I'd be honest instead (stupid conscience) and just admit it.

Kinda takes the pressure off though since we'll be traveling to VNB's grandfather's house tomorrow (5-hr drive), then to his grandmother's house (same town), then to his parents' house (1-2 hr drive)...and posting either before it all begins (whenever AJ wakes up in the 4-6 AM time frame) or after it's all over (I'm guessing late evening), would have been difficult and/or tiresome.

Not that I'm completely quitting...I'm still gonna _try_ to post every day...I'm just not exactly going to beat myself up about it if I don't. Those of you reading who _are_ family will certainly understand and all three of you who _aren't_ family will probably understand too. And any other NoBloPoMo-ers out there will probably thank me because I've just increased their chances of winning a prize! :)

So what was I thankful for yesterday? Um...I'm thankful for grandparents who buy things for my kid. :) We went to Target and my mom bought AJ a bunch of winter clothes (which he was in dire need of, but I'd put off buying myself since there's Christmas in a month, then his birthday two weeks later). She also brought some stuff with her when she came. So now he's got more than two long-sleeved shirts! Woohoo! And some pants that will stay up AND are long enough! :)

Today I'm thankful that most everyone who took today off to visit family left last night, making the airport that I just dropped my mom off at not very crowded at all.


Stroba said...

I'm glad you visited our blog! We will likely be passing you on the highway since we are coming up your way tomorrow...sorry we will miss you...since Thanksgiving is when we normally see you with your Aunt Mom. I guess with the babies it's different!

We're in the same boat with these guys...I was holding off until Christmas and birthday for the winter clothes, but it just got too cold! At least we've managed not to get him too many toys, because I'm sure he'll have plenty after the holidays.

What I want to know is how you got AJ to gain 3 pounds in a months time! Thankfully, JB is in the clear with his weight now, but it was a struggle. Take Care, Cousin Steph

sandy said...

Hope you have a safe trip this Thanksgiving...thanks so much for stopping by Momisodes :)
We'll be squatting in a car for 5 hours tomorrow as well.....I'm sure "the itsy bitsy spider" will make my skin crawl within the first hour or so.

Happy Gobble gobble!