Thursday, November 08, 2007

(Don't) Kiss the Girls

So, it turns out that I kinda forgot the whole "punch line" (weak as it is) to my very long and whiny (much more so than originally planned) post about AJ's cold (which he so kindly shared with his Mama).

Yes, he was kissed by a little girl at church. Chances are though, she's not the one who passed the germs to him since she was just teething. And in any case, I was standing right there when it happened, keeping AJ from getting knocked over. If I'd been worried about the passage of germs, I surely could have prevented the kiss. It was just so darned cute and she'd been so sweet to him all night...trying to share her 'juice' (milk, which he's too young for) and goldfish (we're still trying to avoid the wheat with him), hugging him, playing nicely with him (as opposed to the other kids who, despite declaring that they couldn't have fun in a "baby" room, were having a blast with every toy he picked up). The kiss was adorable. And who could blame her for wanting to kiss him?

My guess is that the germs came from one of the little boys that night who had a cough that sounded very similar to the one that AJ is getting over and I'm getting. But he could have very well gotten it from the other boy who showed no signs at all of illness. Or from someone at his dad's work. Or from any of the hundreds of kids at the petting zoo we went to on Tuesday (or from the goats, for that matter).

But really, what's the funnier punch line? "AJ picked up a bug, most likely at church?" Or "this is what AJ gets for kissing girls?"

I plan on providing all the fodder I can get to get him to believe in "girl cooties" for as long as possible! So AJ, that's what you get for kissing girls.

(We're both feeling much better now, btw...amazing what a good night's sleep will do for you (thank you, Tylenol!). So why are you posting to your blog at 3:40 in the morning, you ask? Well, after months of no sleep, I think my body decided that three consecutive hours meant that it was time to wake up. After lying in bed for an hour trying to get back to sleep, I gave up and decided to post to the blog instead of sitting in bed thinking about posting to my blog.)

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James Diggs said...

I guess you can say he got "love sick"!