Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Works-For-Me Wedensday: 30 Days of Thankfulness

So I was trying to come up with something for today's WFMW post...and nothing was coming to mind. And I was trying to come up with something for today's NaBloPoMo post...and nothing was coming to mind. Then I remembered the "30 Days of Thanks" that I'd seen referenced on someone else's blog. Since counting my blessings is one of my very favorite things to do, the 30 days seemed like a fun thing to participate in. Plus, it's an easy way to have a post every day for NaBlo! :)

But starting on the 14th of November? How can that count for 30 days? Well, I figured that I'd use today to catch up by posting 14 things I'm thankful for, rather than just one.

And by the way, being thankful works for me! It helps me to keep my perspective on the "bad" things in life, if I remember how much I've been given. If you'd like to see other tips, go here.

  1. A happy, healthy son
  2. Enough food to eat
  3. A heater that works
  4. Air conditioning in the summer
  5. Not one, but two working cars, neither of which is on its last leg
  6. A job that I love
  7. Being able to work from home!!!!!
  8. The world's most confused cat (named Monkey, who thinks that either she's a person or I'm a cat)
  9. A laptop!!
  10. My "little" brother 'Link' who was 22(!!!) on the 10th
  11. My little sister 'Elianna' who wasn't born in November
  12. My older brother 'JediTagger' who wasn't born in November either
  13. In-laws whose company I enjoy
  14. My parents who, after 38 years of marriage still like each other. that's my catch-up post. From now on it's one per day (probably with more explanation). And for those of you who are wondering why my VNB isn't on this list. Well, he _was_ born in guess which day will be devoted to being thankful for him? :)

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