Friday, November 02, 2007

Who Knew?

So, this Panera Gift card is actually a regift. It's not that I wouldn't use it if I ever thought of it...I just never think of it's been sitting in my purse for months (no joke). Who knew that so many people would want it enough to tell me what fish think? So far I've got 156 comments with only a couple of (obviously accidental) duplicates, and really only a handful of people who didn't read the directions (if you're one of those handful and want to try again, I'll probably never notice).

But seriously...if you've got an hour to kill and need a laugh, read the comments to that post because some of them are HI-larious.

This is so much fun! I almost want to do it every day except that that would mean finding something to give away every day and thinking of something funny for people to tell me about. It makes me feel so popular though! All the comments in my inbox! :) They like me, they really like me! (or at least my gift card).

And on a different note, I'm getting _really_ good at typing with just my right hand as AJ pulls on my left or I use it to keep him from grabbing the laptop. Of course there was also the day that he was STANDING on my right arm as I was typing. That was definitely an exercise in, well, exercise! He's put on over three pounds since the last check up, so 20 lbs standing on your arm as you try to type and protect the laptop from injury is no small feat. Now I want to say something about AJ's small feet, but I can't think of anything clever. So insert clever small feat/small feet pun here.

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