Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Look, Ma! No Hands!

This is actually from a few weeks ago, but not much has changed since it was taken. Basically, if you manage to get him to let go of your fingers while he's standing in a semi-balanced fashion, he can continue standing for a few seconds prior to a controlled sit. He _IS_ starting to get bolder though in going from one piece of furniture to another, in terms of when he lets the first go prior to grabbing the second. He'll also take a couple of steps when he's only holding on to _one_ of Mama or Dada's hands. And if you give him two hands, he takes off!

It's only a matter of time!

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Missie Dunn said...

Hello old friend! So I preety much haven't seen or talked to you in FOREVER! I stumbled across your myspace page which it seems that you never check and it refered me to this blog where I came across this LOVELY little man!!! OH MY WORD!!! He's so cute! I'm so happy for you and Ryan. Give me a call sometime or drop me a line! 208-305-1767 or crosswordjunky@gmail.com. LOVE!!!