Sunday, November 18, 2007

Sunday Posting

"Day 28...great..."

Except that it's only day 18.

Yeah...I'm in trouble.

You'd think that with the cutest baby in the world, I'd be able to come up with some cute anecdote for the day.

Let's see...what did AJ do today? Well, he "only" woke up three times last night - I'm not really sure when each time was. Nights get a "little" fuzzy sometimes. The first waking was either at 11:30 or usual, roughly 30-45 minutes after I'd gone to sleep. Then next one was around 2, the next around 5. Or was there more? I don't remember. It seems like there was a 1:30 waking. So maybe there were four last night. 11:30, 1:30, 3, and 5. That sounds more right. But what do I really know? I'm asleep most of the time. He woke up late - around 7:30.

Then the three of us played on the bed for a few minutes (our tradition whenever Daddy's home when AJ wakes up), then we all got ready for church. Then we went to church. AJ walked in (holding Mama and Daddy's hands) for the first time and everyone thought it was incredibly cute (because it was).

Then I tried to get him down for his nap, but the nursery ladies were unusually intrusive today and every time he was JUST ABOUT to go to sleep, one of them would check on something in the nursing room. I knew sleeping would be a battle anyway since he'd woken up late, so after three interruptions and 45 minutes, we gave up and he went to Sunday School.

Yeah...the day doesn't really get much more interesting, so I'll stop there. He's cute. Trust me.

So what am I thankful for today? Let's see. I'm thankful for a husband that I can disagree and even fight with...but then he kisses me, makes sure we're ok, we get on the same page, and it's over. Yeah...he's a keeper. :) I'm still in "deep smit" with him. He's awful cute too. But this isn't his official "thankfulness" day, so I'm _JUST_ thankful today that we can communicate, even through my feistiness.

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Homemaker05 said...

I've given up the Sunday Morning nap. Yeah... it was just more stressful on me than I needed on a Sunday morning. Imagine me... new mother... barely ok with leaving him in the nursery in the first place... getting agitated with the nice volunteer nursery workers because they didn't let him cry or because they went in to get him when he made a noise. I would express my desire for them to leave him alone as nicely as a passionate about keeping the nap schedule mother could be, then I would be so stressed when it didn't work out.

One week, I went in there and said, here you go... no, he doesn't need to sleep, he won't anyway. Just let him play. Whatever... it's just not worth it... he can sleep later! Several of the older ladies said something like "good for you... you're learning". I'm a little proud (one of my sin struggles to this day) so I struggled with the humility of letting them say so without feeling stupid.

Now... he just gets super tired with a full morning of playing etc... he gets a bottle when we get home (his normal wake up and eat lunch time), takes a super long afternoon nap, wakes up to another bottle and "lunch" and we leave for church again right about the time he would be ready for another nap.

Thankfully he is content to play when there are other people or toys around and he doesn't get grumpy!